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Meet Dr. Derek McArthur

“My Mother’s Success With Chiropractic Intrigued Me”

Kingsville chiropractor Derek Mcarthur

Dr. Derek McArthur

“My mother (a nurse) had a long history of migraine headaches and found incredible relief through chiropractic care. After seeing her heal, I knew I wanted to help people just as she’d been helped.”

The next two summers while Dr. McArthur finished his undergraduate studies, he volunteered with local chiropractors to see what it was like. “I fell in love with the ability to help improve people’s quality of life through chiropractic care.”

Becoming a Chiropractor in Kingsville

Dr. McArthur attained his chiropractic degree at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri and has been practicing since 2003.

“Logan was my first and only choice as it was the school two of my mentoring doctors had recommended. I enjoyed college and was surprised at the amount of hours we spent learning about how our bodies work. Now, I’m just as passionate as ever about helping people, and I’d like to help you next.”

A Happy Family and Furries

“I’m married to a wonderful and beautiful woman, Guille, that I met at a BBQ with friends. We’re the proud parents of a young baby girl. We also have Angel the cat and Maple the pooch. I have two brothers and one sister that I’m close with and I enjoy spending time with them and my other family when possible.”

They Texas Way of Life

“I’ve enjoyed learning how to BBQ with a smoker. Where I come from it’s too cold to BBQ for long periods of time so we generally use (don’t cringe)…a gas grill. It’s been a fun adventure and delicious, too.”

During Dr. McArthur’s free time he enjoys exercising, eating, playing hockey, golf and watching football. He also enjoys fishing and has been in the process of becoming a hunter. “I like trying new things and have really enjoyed South Texas so far. If you can believe it, I never ate an enchilada until I moved here (talk about depriving your taste buds).”

Walking the Walk

“I generally receive adjustments every other week. Why? I live an active lifestyle and want to make sure I can continue to perform quality treatments for you. I also want to make sure I can do the activities I like outside of the office.”

Dr. McArthur tries to exercise three to four times a week. “However, like everyone else, sometimes I stray away from a healthy diet. Guille and I are constantly trying to improve by making healthier habits and smarter decisions so we can live long, active lives together.”

“Thanks for learning about me. Now, I’d like to meet you so I can help you feel incredible and live your best life.”

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